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  • Jonny Miller

The Art of Combining Old & New

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

One of the first things we tell our clients is to include pieces that they really love, whether this is a favourite chair that they have had for years, objects collected from their travels or a new piece of artwork

Combining new items with older pieces that have sentimental value creates style and charm and gives a house soul. Re-upholstering a favourite chair can create a more contemporary look without replacing it, it also provides a focal point that a scheme can be developed around. Artwork and photography is a great way to bring character to a space, it is often these smaller details that make a room.

Accessorising is often the key when mixing old with new. Developing a contemporary scheme with one or two antique pieces will achieve an eclectic look that still feels cohesive. Alternatively, blending a classic look with statement modern lighting creates contrast and interest for the eye. Blending texture and the use of materials creates harmony in schemes that could otherwise feel disjointed. Matching a traditional wooden dining table with a Carl Hansen chair works well as there is consistency in the use of wood.

As interior designers, creating contrast and balance is an important factor when considering each space. This is not limited to furniture and soft furnishings,. Combining original features with contemporary materials and finishes can provide real impact. Exposed brick and beams sitting alongside expanses of glass or white walls and contemporary lighting paired with classic furniture can work in perfect harmony.

Updating period properties for modern living is becoming increasingly popular. Retaining original features whilst creating a modern, comfortable home requires balance. Using contemporary colour palettes with minimalist design alongside a property’s existing architecture is a timeless combination.

Well thought out spaces do not happen by accident. Whatever your style preferences, cleverly marrying old inherited pieces with modern items is a winning combination. The art is in ensuring that it feels cohesive, as if it has naturally evolved over time rather than looking chaotic.

Saskia Bøgh is a boutique interior design company with a focus on creative flair combined with exceptional service.


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