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  • Jonny Miller

Out With The Old, In With The New

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

With design fair season in full swing we have been busy keeping up to date on the latest

trends and inspirations for interiors.

It is a chance for us to look at what the key influences will be over the coming months.

However, we prefer to look beyond fads and consider trends as evolving design that can be

subtly incorporated into existing colours, products and schemes.

Each of our clients has a distinct personal style and it is important that we get the right

balance of inspiration with maintaining a look that is authentic to them.

The huge number of international designers and brands at the fairs we attend ensures that

there is a vast array of styles and products to choose from. Here are a few of our favourite

examples that we feel sure we will be seeing a lot more of.

Bold and Busy Prints

Wild prints and statement wallpaper are everywhere this season and it is definitely a case of

‘more is more’. Piling up the cushions in clashing prints and mixing colours can look fabulous. However, if you are nervous about introducing too much start with accessories and introduce colours on walls and upholstery. Getting the mix of patterns right is key, pairing prints that use similar tones is an easy way to do this. Alternatively, include a balance of scale with larger format prints alongside a more simple, smaller pattern.


Think exposed brick, pipes, steel and concrete. Softening with plants and warm woods

creates a great balance, whilst adding accessories is a good way to incorporate this trend in

a smaller way.

Lighting plays an integral role both in terms of feature lighting and highlighting architectural

elements such as beams and brick walls.

The trend’s origins in industrial warehouse conversions uses wide open spaces as a key

feature. This works very well with the more open plan style of living that has become so

popular over the last few years.

Mid-Century Retro

With our combination of Danish and English heritage this interiors trend is a particular

favourite at Saskia Bøgh. Mid-Century is a classic art and design style. The focus on form and

simplicity creates a timeless, streamlined elegance. This is a versatile style that can easily be

incorporated into an eclectic scheme, mixing more classic elements with beautiful

statement pieces. The use of colour is important here, neutral backgrounds punctuated by

stronger hues such as mustard, burnt sage and orange inject interest. Natural materials

feature quite heavily too giving the feeling of warmth and comfort.


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