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Interior Style to Keep You Cosy This Winter

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The nights have drawn in and we are definitely feeling the chill. It’s the time of year when we really embrace the Scandinavian half of Saskia Bøgh and indulge in all things Hygge.

Hygge has inspired interiors for some time now, but it really is more than just a design concept. It describes a feeling, a mood, a sense of intimacy and togetherness. It is the art of creating cosiness.

With our shared British/Danish heritage, it is unsurprising that an intrinsic sense of wellbeing is the foundation of our design ethos. Our homes should be our sanctuaries and at this time of year more than any other we crave warmth and comfort.


On cold winter evenings what could be cosier or more welcoming than a roaring fire. Many of our clients are lucky enough to have working fireplaces, however, we are increasingly being asked about alternatives. Nothing beats a real flame and bioethanol fires are a fantastic option. Not only are they environmentally friendly but the beautiful designs available provide a style statement. We love the simplicity of the collection from Le Feu which includes an amazing ceiling suspended model.


Texture and layers also create warmth. Piling on the cushions and adding a soft throw creates an inviting ambience. Include chunky knits and ….in more classic schemes or a chic mohair and cashmere for a more contemporary feel. Updating accessories with the season is a simple way to change your décor without having to invest too much budget.


Lighting is perhaps the most important element to consider in any design as it can dramatically change the feel of any space and affect our mood. Layering applies as much to lighting as it does to soft furnishings.


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