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Charitable Partners of The Andrew Reed Foundation

We are pleased to announce that RK Signature Living are a new corporate partner for the Reed’s charitable structure, supporting the Andrew Reed Foundation, Reed’s School in Cobham and Ripley Court School near Woking.

Founded in 1813 as the London Orphan Asylum, the Reed’s Foundation is committed to providing educational and pastoral support for vulnerable children who have lost the support of one or both parents. It's wonderful to know that over 12,000 children have had their lives transformed through the work of the Foundation. These children have suffered from parental deaths, abandonment, abuse, and parental health issues, physical or mental. They each have the ability, but unfortunately not the means, to overcome these childhood traumas. At RK Signature Living we believe just like the Reed's Foundation that every child deserves the right to love, care, hope and an education, that's why exactly why we decided to sign up as their charitable partner. We share common values with that of Reed's and Mark Hoskins, Headmaster at Reed’s School recognises this, “It is wonderful to be working with RK Signature Living, whose own values are so closely aligned to ours at Reed’s. Part of the sponsorship package will go towards funding Foundation pupils which will help our objective of proving an excellent education for vulnerable children.”

Through our sponsorship, we'll be funding the Andrew Reed Foundation to continue to inspire confidence and realise the true potential of vulnerable children and we'll also be supporting events throughout the year at both Reed’s and Ripley Court Schools, including their main production of ‘Chariots of Fire’, their forthcoming Jazz Concert at The Hideaway Club and events organised by Friends of Reed’s School (their parent-run organisation). We can't wait to get involved!


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