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Bringing the outside in

Updated: Jun 9

The improving weather means we are able to enjoy our outdoor spaces. Bringing the outside in and connecting indoor/outdoor areas is a great way to extend your living space and let the light in.

Flooring is an important consideration and is worth some careful thought. Continuation of the same material is a clever way of creating a seamless integration between two distinct areas, producing an uninterrupted view.

We are big believers in including plants in our design schemes. Not only do plants provide visual interest and form, but clever planting between the garden and your indoor space blurs the boundary between each area. Creating continuity through colour keeps schemes connected, for example, include accents colours indoors that mirror planting outside.

Ice cream palettes in pastel shades are a big trend this Spring. A splash of pink, yellow or blue adds a focal point and can brighten up a room.

For those that prefer more lively shades, Pantone’s colour of the year ‘living coral’ is perfect. This vibrant warm tone is great for introducing a bold pop of colour within a neutral scheme. For a real statement, pair it with cobalt blue reflecting nature’s clear skies and rich blooms.

As designers, we have to stay on top of upcoming trends, however we are conscious that they are fleeting and can date very quickly. Incorporating trends in small ways, be it easily replaceable accessories or a feature wallpaper, ensures spaces are future proofed.

Taking a holistic view when planning a renovation or design project is increasingly important. Large windows and doors become frames for an ever changing landscape and are very much part of the internal aesthetic. With the inclusion of large amounts of glazing between house and garden becoming common place, we must create schemes that take into consideration both the inside and outside.

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